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What are your chances of dying from COVID?

A recent study conducted by Britain’s Oxford University has brought some sanity back into the discussions about COVID and lockdowns.

Researchers at the university decided to calculate what a vaccinated person’s chances were of dying from COVID. The study included people with underlying health issues, which makes them particularly vulnerable.

The Western Journal reports they calculated that the chance of a person aged 25 dying of COVID was 0.00%. For a woman aged 45, it was 0.01% and at 55 it was 0.03%.

But things take an interesting turn when they looked at the chances of a vaccinated woman dying of COVID at age 75. It was 0.45% or about 1 in 220 chance.

So, how does this 1 in 220 chance of dying from COVID at age 75 compares to a person’s risk of dying from other causes?

Note, the following statistics are not age-related.

A person in the US has:

  • One in 6 chance of dying from heart disease;
  • One in 7 chance of dying from cancer;
  • One in 88 of dying from suicide;
  • One in 92 of dying from an opioid overdose; and
  • One in 107 of dying in a car accident.

Yes, the odds of you dying from a car accident are twice as high as a 75-year-old vaccinated woman dying of COVID.

So, with the political and medical elite still demanding lockdowns with the emergence of the much milder Omicron variant, will governments be banning cars next to protect people from dying?

READ: Oxford Study Dramatically Undercuts Dem COVID Narrative, Finds Shockingly Low Death Rate

In Canada, vaccinated or not, a person under the age of 65 has a greater chance of dying in a car accident than of COVID. READ: More people under 65 die from car accidents than COVID

AND IN RELATED NEWS, the mainstream media has so terrified people of COVID, that hospital emergency rooms in the US state of Vermont are overrun with COVID patients, who are not even sick.

Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in America. But since it implemented rapid testing kits and people are rushing to the hospital when testing positive.

One spokesperson noted their hospital is so overrun with asymptomatic cases of COVID, that they can’t provide care to people who actually need it. READ: Hospital ERs filled with symptom-less, COVID-positive people in one state

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