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What are your chances of dying from COVID?

A recent study conducted by Britain’s Oxford University has brought some sanity back into the discussions about COVID and

Study: Lockdowns did not reduce death rates

According to researchers from the University of Toronto and University of Texas, the lockdowns, that effectively destroyed a country’s economy, had no impact on the death rate from the Coronavirus. In other words, lockdowns did not work. The Daily Mail explains: Lockdowns have not had a big impact on coronavirus death rates around the world, scientists have claimed, and the health of nations beforehand was more important. Dozens of countries have been forced to tell people to stay home and close shops in a bid to stop the Covid-19 pandemic since it broke out in January. But now a study has claimed the drastic measures don’t even work. They found that whether a country was locked down or not was ‘not associated’ with death rate. The study pointed out that there were several factors that did affect death rates that basically revolved on how healthy people in the country were before the virus hit. This included the country’s obesity rates and the average age of its population. The Daily Mail notes: Which factors influenced death …