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Austria plans to fine unvaccinated $4,000

As reported earlier, Austria is drafting legislation forcing everyone to get a COVID vaccine. If passed, it will be the first country in Europe to mandate a vaccination.

Fox News reports that under its draft legislation, the government will issue fines of $4,000 (3,600 euros) to anyone refusing vaccination. The fine could potentially be reduced based on a person’s income or early payment.

The government is also setting up a system that could result in people being fined every three months for refusing to be vaccinated.

The legislation, that is expected to come into effect Feb 1, 2022, will require everyone over the age of 14 to be vaccinated.

However, there will be exemptions.

On the one positive note, it recognizes the natural immunity that comes from catching COVID and will exempt anyone who caught the virus in the previous six months. Pregnant women are also exempt, as well as those who have exemptions on medical grounds.

According to reports, 32% of Austria’s 8.9 million residents have not received the COVID vaccine.

READ: Austria rolls out vaccine mandate with fines up to $4,000 for those who flout it

What about a vitamin D exemption?

Apparently, Germany is considering similar legislation and is following closely what is happening in neighbouring Austria.

But one wonders if the German government implement similar legislation it should consider adding an exemption if people take vitamin D, as German researchers found a direct correlation between low vitamin D levels and the seriousness of COVID cases. READ: Vitamin D Supplements Might Have Saved Thousands of Americans from Dying With COVID; Get Your Level Checked ASAP

Starving people into submitting to COVID vaccines?

Meanwhile, the Canadian province of New Brunswick has taken a slightly different approach than Austria, and hopes to starve people into submission, as the government is now allowing grocery stores and pharmacies to refuse service if a person is not vaccinated. READ: Elected officials silent on New Brunswick barring unvaxxed from grocery stores

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