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Majority of Canadians will not invite unvaccinated family into their homes this Christmas

A recent poll conducted in Canada by Leger-ACS revealed that 57% of vaccinated Canadians will not invite unvaccinated family and friends into their homes this Christmas.

The National Post reports that when broken down by province, British Columbia, at 70%, had the highest percentage stating they wouldn’t and Atlantic Canada was the lowest at 50%.

Though approximately, 75% of Canadian are fully vaccinated, the poll also revealed that the same percentage know at least one person who isn’t vaccinated.

The poll also found that 47% of Canadians said they would consider asking for proof of vaccination.

READ: Majority of Canadians unwilling to let unvaccinated friend or family member into their home: poll

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  1. That is showing a lack of common-sense. Vaccination status has little to do with having the virus so a negative test for all would be more logical to provide peace of mind.


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