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Massive protests in Europe over lockdowns and vaccine mandates

Anti lockdown protests in The Netherlands turned violent, Nov 21, 2021
Photo: Twitter capture

Protests have broken out across Europe, as people have taken to the streets opposing the lockdowns and the vaccine passports being implemented in various countries, requiring people to be fully vaccinated to participate in society.

There were protests in Austria, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia and Switzerland. For the most part, the protests were peaceful, however some turned violent, particularly in The Netherlands. There were also violent demonstrations in Belgium.

In Vienna, Austria, the protests largely centred on the government requiring everyone to be vaccinated, whether they want to or not, by February 2022. Reports indicated that Germany is also considering similar legislation.

Vienna, Austria:

Rome, Italy:

Zagreb, Croatia:


Belgium: Protests turned violent:

The Netherlands: Protests turned violent

The protests in Holland were probably the most violent as people started setting fires, vandalizing property and throwing stones and fireworks at police. Reports are coming in that at least two people were shot, when Dutch police fired warning shots:

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