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Seattle so dangerous, county will provide security escorts for bureaucrats

Seattle Police YouTube Capture

While Seattle’s city’s council recently proposed cutting another $11 million from the city’s police budget in 2022, the city’s downtown has become so dangerous, that King County has set up a program where government employees will receive security escorts when they are walking to catch a train, bus or ferry after work.

Fox News reports that the program, called Walking Bus, will come into effect Nov 15, 2021. The employees will meet at a centralized location, from where they will be escorted to their public transportation choice.

The city’s previous cuts and demonization of its police force has already resulted in the departure of 325 police officers from its force.

Of course, the private sector employees, who are paying for this extra security for bureaucrats, will not receive this protection and will just have to navigate the city’s ‘no man’s land’ on its own.

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