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Virginia election was about parents vs the state

There was a massive political explosion in Virginia on Tuesday, when Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a race on who would govern the traditionally blue state.

McAuliffe was considered a shoo-in after US President Joe Biden won the state by 16 points in November 2020.

But things took a dramatic change in September, when during a debate, McAuliffe said that the parents have no say when it comes to educating their children. Only the state has the right to decide what is best for people’s children and grandkids.

At that moment, the election changed from a political one to a movement, parents vs the state, and it focussed attention on Virginia’s Loudoun County, where parents are involved in a pitch battle with the county school board on protecting their children from what is happening inside the classrooms and the schools. READ: Youngkin: “This Campaign Stopped Being A Campaign A While Ago, And It Became A Movement”

Including a parent being called a terrorist after protesting the alleged sexual assault of his daughter in the girl’s bathroom by a boy allegedly wearing a dress. READ: Loudoun County Dad Smeared As ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Says School Covered Up Daughter’s Rape By Boy In Girls’ Bathroom

That even resulted in the National School Board asking the Biden administration to characterize parents voicing concerns about school board policies as “potential domestic terrorists.’

Including a six-year-old girl asking her mom if she was evil because she was born white. READ: Loudoun County mom says 6-year-old asked her if she was ‘born evil’ because she’s White

Here are some parents and others expressing their thoughts at a Loudoun County School Board meeting:

According to an exit poll, conducted after people had voted in Virginia, 53% said parents should have a lot of say when it comes to their children’s education and 31% said they should have some. Only 13% said parents should have little or no say.

If Karl Marx had voted, he would have been among the 3% who said parents should have no say.

READ: Bad news for McAuliffe? Huge majority of exit poll respondents think parents should have a significant say in school curriculum

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