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Eco vandals destroy church banner at Glasgow Climate Change summit

The Tron Church Climate Change banner

Premier Christian News is reporting that The Tron Church, an evangelical church located near venues hosting the man-made global warming summit in Glasgow, Scotland, had its sign pulled down and destroyed by Eco fanatics.

The church had dared to put us a sign suggesting that there were more important things for the church to be involved in than man-made climate change.

The banner was not telling the eco activists what they needed to do, but rather it simply spoke of the church needing to fulfill its primary mission:

The World’s most urgent need is churches preaching Christ crucified, not climate change.

The sign was only up 48 hours before vandals destroyed it.

William Philip, the church’s lead pastor, told Premier Christian News:

It seems that saying, when the COP is happening right on our doorstep, that there is something more important (far more important) the church must speak about is embarrassing for some Christians.

I think that betrays a dangerous misunderstanding of the real urgency of the message we have been charged with taking to the world: an eternal, supernatural gospel.

It probably didn’t help that the head of the Anglican church, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, compared people who were not embracing the fight against climate change to those who did not stand up to the Nazis.

READ: Controversial church banner torn down ahead of climate conference AND Justin Welby apologises after comparing climate inaction to those who failed to stop Nazis

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