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EU countries battle over green energy

Several European countries have finally come to their senses after being conned for years by environmental fanatics to transform their energy sector into green, relying more on sun and wind.

Of course, green energy is not only extremely expensive, it is also equally unreliable and only works when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing.

These same enviro fanatics have also conned politicians into quit using nuclear energy. But now several EU countries are demanding that nuclear energy be declared green in order to save their economies and their citizens from rapidly escalating energy costs.

The Daily Mail provides the details of the energy battle brewing in the EU, that is currently being run by Germany and green activists:

France is leading a group of ten EU countries pushing for nuclear energy to be labelled ‘green’ as the continent tries to end its dependence on fossil fuels without wrecking the economy. 

The group – which includes Poland, Hungary and Finland – argue that nuclear is ‘essential’ to lowering energy costs and ending Europe’s reliance on foreign imports, while also cutting emissions without becoming over-reliant on renewables.

But they are being opposed by another group led by Germany, which gets around 75 per cent of its energy from fossil fuels and stands to benefit from the new Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia – who argue that it is unsafe.

READ: Ten EU countries push for nuclear power to be labelled as green energy as world faces energy crisis following years of pressure to move to eco-friendly sources

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