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George Barna’s ‘four Ms’ for Christian parents

George Barna, who founded the Barna Group, one of America’s best known media research organizations, provided some vital information to Christian parents on how they can limit media’s influence on their children.

Barna, who was being interviewed during the Family Research Council Action’s Pray, Vote, Stand Summit, provided four ‘Ms’ for parents:

  1. Monitor: Though parents tend to buy their kids the newest device available, they have no idea what their kids are watching. We tend to trust them to make the right decision. Monitor their online activities.
  2. Minimize: He says Americans are becoming addicted to media and social media and parents need to put limits on their children’s online activity including social media.
  3. Mediate: Parents need to be willing to address issues that are contrary to Biblical views. If you are watching a program that presents ideas contrary to the Bible, confront it, address it and explain it.
  4. Moralize: Parents need to help their kids understand right and wrong and not to believe everything they read in the media.

READ: George Barna shares 4 ways Christian parents can combat media’s influence in children’s lives

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