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Canadian pastor arrested again

The first Arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski by Calgary police.
YouTube capture

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Cave of Adullam Church was arrested a second time on the tarmac of the Calgary International Airport after arriving home from an extended two-month speaking tour.

This was Pawlowski’ second arrest. He had previously been arrested on a public highway earlier this year for violating COVID regulations.

Pastor Pawlowski gained notoriety after resisting several police and a health inspector who were trying to gain access to his church on Easter weekend.

Pawlowski grew up under communism in Poland and has first hand experience with how tyrants work. The pastor had a few choice words for the police and official referring to them as communists, brownshirts, Nazis and Gestapo.

In an interview with Rebel News, Pawlowski’s lawyer stated that his recent arrest was due to two outstanding warrants, that included one for not wearing a mask and the second for violating a court order by holding an outdoor church service in June 2021.

READ: Police arrest COVID cops-rejecting pastor when he lands in Canada AND INTERVIEW: Pastor Artur’s lawyer reacts to his dramatic airport arrest

Unfortunately, I am uncertain if arrest warrants were issued for several Alberta politicians caught not wearing a mask at a public event in December 2020, in violation of health regulations. READ: Photo of maskless Alberta premier and ministers sparks outrage, official complaints

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