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Australia: 431,000 forced into stay-at-home lockdown over 4 cases of COVID

Australia’s parliament buildings in Canberra.
Credit: Simon_sees/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

According to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Australian Capital Authority just forced over 431,000 people living in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, into full stay-at-home lockdown after discovering four, literally just 4, new cases of the COVID virus.

Breitbart reports that the lockdown, which came into effect on Thursday at 5 PM, will last for a week.

People will not be allowed to leave their homes, except for essential reasons, that includes ‘essential’ work, grocery shopping, and medical. Schools will also be shut down.

But the benevolent government will allow people to go outside their homes for one hour of exercise each day.

Anyone leaving their homes to go shopping must also use an app to notify the government what stores they are planning to visit.

The government requires all cell phone owners to download the app, so it can monitor their behaviour during the four-case COVID pandemic.

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  1. Peter says

    I remember a time when people could travel freely, but money and goods could not;
    Now it seems that money and goods can travel freely, but people cannot.

    What is next? There is talk of shutting down the Internet, but just look at;
    a] Money lost from on-line shopping.
    b] Revenue from Netflix and other streaming services.
    c] Lastly, it will reduce the ability of MSM to influence what we do.


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