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Is Communist China trying to buy up US farmland?

The Western Journal is reporting that farm organizations in the US are warning that individuals connected with the Chinese Communist Party are buying farmland in America.

According to a report by Successful Farming, people based in Communist China have already purchased 192,000 acres.

And this is raising concerns in the US Congress. Rep. Dan Newhouse stated that such purchases could potentially set the stage for “the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly” inside America.

In response, a recent voice vote by the House Appropriations Committee added an amendment to the USDA-FDA funding bill that would prevent individuals from Communist China from purchasing any additional land and any land previously purchased would no longer be eligible for federal agricultural subsidies.

But it is not just land.

According to an article in American Thinker, the 2013 purchase of hog producer, Smithfield Foods based in Sioux Falls, Idaho, for $4.7 billion by a group with close connections to the Chinese Communist Part meant Communist China-based businesses control one in four hogs raised in the US.

Some are warning if these Chinese controlled producers decide to ship pork to China, that consumes half of the world’s pork production, it could result in shortages and higher prices in the US.

Similar concerns were recently expressed in Britain when a communist China based corporation purchased the country’s largest micro-computer chip manufacturer in early July 2021, during a hostile takeover.

Several are concerned that the Communist regime is trying to take control of the world computer chip manufacturing industry. Because of the recent pandemic, corporations around the world are vulnerable to take-overs.

According to a recent report in Britain, corporations and investors from Communist China have purchased nearly $135 billion worth of businesses in Britain, including vital infrastructures such as water, power networks and airports. This also includes the recent purchase of British Steel, that supplies a third of the country’s steel.

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Though these purchases are often made by privately-owned businesses in Communist China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requires all businesses based in the country to have a CCP committee set up within its corporate governance structure, that ensures the communist government’s influence in the business. This also includes any foreign corporations that wants to set up businesses in the regime. READ: Fact Sheet: Communist Party Groups in Foreign Companies in China AND The New Challenge of Communist Corporate Governance

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Parliament of Canada is embroiled in a legal battle with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to force Trudeau to release information on why a Communist China military scientist working in Canada’s Level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba was fired and escorted out the lab in 2019 by the RCMP.

The National Post provides explains:

Opposition parties have joined forces to demand the documents in hope that they’ll shed light on why scientists Xiangguo Qiu and her husband, Keding Cheng, were escorted out of Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory in July 2019 and subsequently fired last January.

They also seek documents related to the transfer, overseen by Qiu, of deadly Ebola and Henipah viruses to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology in March 2019.

READ: Liberals’ attempt to shield documents on fired scientists violates parliamentary privilege, Speaker tells court

Note, they are not even asking the more obvious question: Why Trudeau allowed a member of the People’s Liberation Army into the lab in the first place?


  1. gail jansen says

    Absolutely. Here in OK we have watched as any acreage from 10 to 20 acres has been bought by Laotians working for CCP or Chinese nationals, all of whom pay cash. They step into the deals with the cash, even above asking price and usually get the land. We have no zoning regulations in the county. They dig deep water wells (we have natural aquifers) and put up ‘grow houses’ for pot/drugs. The influx of drug related people is obvious. I listened to an investment meeting in Beijing and heard them explain that they can get a 1200% profit the first year. We are a small, rural, poor community / county with salt of the earth residents who are 2nd to 5th generation farmers and cannot compete with this. I have talked to state legislatures and local LEO concerning this. Somehow the CCP has usurped the Tribal Nations who were slated to control the growing and distribution of the drugs now that they are legal. It’s really upsetting because a conflict between the growers and their groups, and the long time residents is becoming a real threat.


  2. Gail Jansen says

    I just was notified that an Interim Study in the State House of Representatives has been approved on “illegal nationals acquiring farm land’. This situation is serious.


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