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Activists string ‘God Bless Abortion’ banner on Christ of Ozarks statue

Christ of the Ozarks statue with Indecline’s pro-abortion banner.
Credit: Instagram/indeline

On Thursday (July 8, 2021), activists in Arizona hung a 45-foot banner reading “God Bless Abortions” on a 65-foot statue of Jesus located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The organization behind the banner, Indecline, is an activist arts group. According to reports, members of the group disguised themselves as construction workers and used climbing gear and pulleys to attach the banner to the outstretched arms of the statue, known locally as the ‘Christ of the Ozarks’.

A tree cutting service helped remove the banner.

The statue is located on the property of a group called The Great Passion Play, that holds plays throughout the summer months on Christ’s death and resurrection. Over 500,000 people visit the site each year.

As part of its ministry, The Great Passion Play also has a Bible Museum and an arts history museum, restaurant and several walking and biking trails.

This is not the first time, Indecline has vandalized property as part of its activist mandate. Earlier this year, it changed the wording on a Christian billboard from “Worried? Jesus offers security” to “Worried? Planned Parenthood offers abortions.”

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  1. r.d. says

    well the statue itself, is idolatry, , they just added more of the same, america has its idols and fake gods, its to be expected.too many fake christians is always the problem


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