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New York: Who is really to blame?

Empire State Building, New York City

When New Yorkers aren’t enjoying a crime wave, they are now enjoying a heat wave as the state initiated rolling blackouts and the government urged residents to cut back on electricity use.

Of course, the left wing pundits quickly blamed climate change for the problem, but could there be another reason for these blackouts, perhaps a political one?

Say, prematurely shutting down the Indian Point Energy Center, a three unit nuclear power plant, on April 30, 2021.

In fact, two days before Democrat Gov Cuomo shut down the plant, the New York Post was already predicting rolling electrical blackouts this summer. READ: Get ready for blackouts after Cuomo foolishly killed the Indian Point plant

These are the same bunch of politicians who cut police funding to reduce crime and sent people with COVID to nursing homes to stop the spread of COVID.

You can’t really blame left-wing politicians for these decisions, a leopard can’t change its spots, but the people of New York are getting who they voted for.

On a related note. READ: WATCH: AOC Proposes Shuttering Coal Plant That Provides 20% Of Puerto Rico’s Electricity

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