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Chinese Communist Party agents threatening Canadians?

Vigil for Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo who died in a jail in 2017 after being arrested by the Chinese Communist Party for calling for an end of the Communist China’s one party rule. Credit: Voice of America/wikipedia/ Public Domain

According to an article by the Toronto Sun, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has agents working in Canada who are threatening and intimidating people who oppose China’s tyrannical regime.

This came to light after Blacklock’s Reporter released information on a letter that Canada’s federal cabinet wrote as part of its testimony to a Commons foreign affairs subcommittee.

Here are a couple excerpts from the letter:

“The government has warned Chinese authorities against interference activities, raised concerns directly over attempts to intimidate Canadians from freely expressing their views, and will continue to do so.

“The Government of Canada is aware that foreign states, including the People’s Republic of China or its proxies, may attempt to harass, threaten and intimidate Canadians, persons residing in Canada or their families in Canada or abroad, particularly Chinese diaspora or etho-cultural communities.”

The Toronto Sun added that RCMP receive about 120 accusations a day of people being harassed in Canada by agents working for the CCP.

READ: Chinese agents active in Canada, Commons committee hears

Of course, it is not just happening in Canada.

Similar things are taking place in Australia.

A news crew for Communist China’s state media (Xinhua News Agency) showed up at a news conference in June 2020, being held by the country’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to discuss the COVID pandemic.

The Chinese state media were not particularly interested in the news conference itself, but were busily photographing people attending the event.

So other news crews turned their cameras on the Chinese state media crew, who apparently didn’t like it and tried to physically stop people from photographing them.

READ: Chinese state media journalist did not want to be filmed at Scott Morrison press conference

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