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A cute story about a lost Border Collie mix

Tilly, the Border Collie/Red Heeler mix Photo: Facebook

A cute story in the National Post, about a border collie and red heeler mix brought a smile to my face.

Linda Oswald and her family were driving on a highway in Idaho recently when they had an accident with another car.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but their two-year-old dog, Tilly, who been ejected unharmed through a broken window, ran off.

Despite an extensive search by several people at the scene they were unable to find Tilly.

So, Linda decided to post a message on Facebook, with a photo, asking if anyone had seen Tilly.

A couple of days later, the Potter family, who own a farm about 1.5 miles away from the accident site spotted Tilly, who was apparently trying to herd the sheep on their farm.

The Potters use similar looking Australian shepherds to help with their sheep and initially confused Tilly with one of their own dogs.

Border Collies were bred in Scotland to herd sheep and it’s suspected Tilly was drawn to the farm by the sheep and started doing what he loves to doing best, herding.

Linda noted when she takes Tilly to the park, he even tries herding people. Tilly is now home with his family

READ: Idaho dog ejected during crash found two days later, herding sheep  AND Dog ejected from vehicle in Idaho crash found two days later herding sheep

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