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A cute story about a lost Border Collie mix

A cute story in the National Post, about a border collie and red heeler mix brought a smile to my face. Linda Oswald and her family were driving on a highway in Idaho recently when they had an accident with another car.

Video: Dog stops car after owner collapses from seizure

An amazing story out of Ottawa, Canada reveals how, Clover, a Samoyed dog rescued her owner. Haley Moore was walking her dog, when she had a seizure and fell to the ground unconscious. The first thing Clover did was check on Haley and then an incredible thing happens. After Clover watches the first car drive by, she then pulls the leash free from beneath her owner’s body, and when the next car approaches, Clover runs into the middle of the street in an effort to stop the car. As the car approached, Clover slowly walked backwards blocking the vehicle until it finally stopped and the driver checked on Haley, who is doing fine after being taken to the hospital by ambulance. It reminds me of a similar incident in the Bible, when Balaam was riding his donkey to curse the Jews on behalf of a Moabite king. When an armed angel appeared on their path blocking their journey, the donkey veered off the path and refused to go any further. Balaam who had not seen …

Have the lockdowns gone to the dogs?

I can’t explain why dogs are suddenly becoming the theme for the 2021 lockdowns. I previously reported how the Canadian province of Quebec implemented a curfew preventing people from leaving their homes after 8 pm, unless they are taking their dog for a walk. Apparently, dogs protect people from COVID after 8 pm. And continuing with the dog theme, a factory in France is now requiring that its workers wear dog collars.

Credit: Ezio Melotti/Flickr/Creative Commons (Modified)

What do the remains of two dead dogs tell us?

There is a verse in the book of Nehemiah that I have always found a bit odd. After Persia conquered the Babylonian Empire in 539 BC, it basically assimilated the Israelis who were in exile under the Babylonians. The Book of Nehemiah records how the Persians allowd Nehemiah — a cupbearer for the Persian king Artaxerxes I (also known as Longimanus 465-424 BC) — to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city. Three days after he arrived in Jerusalem, Nehemiah decided to inspect the walls. Because of the various political factions in the city, he did it under the cover of darkness to hide what he was doing. Then we read this puzzling verse: “And I arose in the night, I and a few good men with me. I did not tell anyone what my God was putting in my mind to do for Jerusalem and there was no animal with me except the animal which I was riding. (Nehemiah 2:12-15) Nehemiah rode a horse, but then specifically adds he took no other animals with …