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Video: Christian beauty YouTuber takes on cancel culture

Amanda Ensing, a popular YouTube beauty consultant, tells her story of battling cancel culture as she took a stand for her faith.

She grew up in a conservative Christian family from Puerto Rico, and originally decided to attend university with the intention of becoming a lawyer.

However, at university the progressive messaging caused her to question her conservative values. This resulted in Amanda taking a year long break from schooling. Amanda realized at this point she still held Christian values.

During her break, Amanda decided to start a YouTube channel that focussed on cosmetics. It took off when one of her videos went viral after receiving over one million views.

On her videos, Amanda has never been shy about sharing her faith and opinions about today’s society and this caught the attention of cyberbullies who began attacking Amanda.

Despite being a Latino, her critics called her a racist and a white supremacist because she did not hold to their progressive views.

These attacks caused Amanda to begin second guessing everything she was doing and saying as she became concerned about offending people.

Finally, Amanda realized that “as a Christian, I only bow down to God, I don’t bow down to what people think of me.”

When Amanda would not back down, these bullies started complaining to her sponsors and when Sephora decided to cancel its sponsorship of her channel in the name of inclusivity, Amanda fought back by posting a video on Instagram explaining what happened.

Sephora felt the heat and even offered to pay Amanda to take down the video.

In a video produced by PragerU, Amanda tells her story on battling cancel culture.

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