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Trudeau: A propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party?

Conservative MP Kenny Chiu who immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1982 responds to Prime Minister Trudeau’s accusation that anyone who criticizes the Chinese Communist Party is racist.

A few days ago, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called anyone critical of his admiration of the Chinese Communist Party as racist.

This racism accusation was Trudeau’s response to a very legitimate question in the House of Commons on why his government allowed scientists working for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) full access to a level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg.

It is now believe that the PLA is also running the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in Wuhan, China where the COVID virus leaked out of.

So, Asian Canadian, Conservative MP Michael Chong, who has actually experienced anti-Asian racism and is hugely critical of the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party, decided to respond.

The Toronto Sun provides the details:

Born in Windsor, Ont., to a Dutch mother and Chinese father who had immigrated from Hong Kong, Chong has faced actual racism throughout his life. To hear Trudeau throw around the term so cavalierly bothered him because he said it plays into Beijing’s propaganda plans.

Beijing has long had a goal of combining criticism of the government of China with anti-Asian racism and the PM played right into their hands,” Chong said.

Those critical of China’s government are not causing anti-Asian racism. Many of them are Asian themselves.”

READ: LILLEY: Conservative MPs of Asian descent blast Trudeau’s racism claims

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