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A tale of two lockdowns, Canada vs the US

In the US, the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL team are in the playoffs playing in front of a packed out stadium.

Meanwhile, in Canada, they just closed the borders in Nova Scotia. You have to apply in writing to enter the province, and it takes approximately three days for the approval to be given, or not.

On a positive note, no guards with dogs and towers with search lights have been set up at the border.

Meanwhile, when Texas completely ended its lockdown and mask requirements several weeks back, they were pilloried by the mainstream media, health officials and the US President. The sky will fall in they claimed. People will die they claimed. COVID cases will skyrocket they claimed. READ: Zero COVID-19 deaths reported in Texas on Sunday

Meanwhile, in Canada, there are complaints that governments are holding back COVID data. Of course, many are wondering what are they trying to hide?

The Toronto Star explains:

VANCOUVER—Governments across Canada have been withholding COVID-19 data in an exercise of “paternalistic” information-hoarding likely meant to regulate public reaction to the pandemic, says an access-to-information advocate.

Sean Holman, an access to information expert and journalism professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said uproar in British Columbia Friday over revelations the provincial government was only releasing a fraction of its COVID-19 data to the public is just one example of such secrecy.

READ: Governments across Canada withholding COVID-19 data to regulate public reaction to pandemic, says access-to-information advocate

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