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China emits more CO2 than developed world combined, study

Beijing, China Smog. People often use these type of images to point out the impact of CO2. But CO2 is colourless and odourless and necessary for life. Credit: 螺钉/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

A recent report released by the Rhodium Group revealed that in 2019 Communist China emitted more greenhouse emissions that the rest of the developed world combined.

Yet, for some reason, the UN and climate change fanatics have given the Communist regime a pass on reducing CO2 emissions under both the Kyoto and the Paris Accord.

If the climate change rhetoric is really about saving the world from devastation, there is no way you would exempt the world’s largest CO2 emitter.

The Daily Wire writes:

A new report released late week found that communist China’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 were higher than the rest of the developed world combined.

The report was published by the Rhodium Group, a leading independent research provider that specializes in matters involving China, energy & climate, India, and economics.

“Using our newly updated global emissions data through 2019, we estimate that in 2019, for the first time since national greenhouse gas emissions have been measured, China’s annual emissions exceeded those of all developed countries combined,” the report said. “China’s emissions were less than a quarter of developed country emissions in 1990, but over the past three decades have more than tripled, reaching over 14 gigatons of CO2-equivalent in 2019.”

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