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Massive anti-lockdown protest in Montreal

Just part of the anti-lockdown protest in Montreal, Canada on May 1, 2021.
Twitter video capture: @TheMarieOakes

In democracies, governments rule by the will of the people. And with politicians across Canada transforming into tyrants, Canadians are starting to push back. They want their country and their provinces back.

There was a massive anti-lockdown protest in Montreal yesterday (May 1, 2021), the crowd stretched for blocks. Some estimate its size at 75,000, while more recent estimates put it closer to 100,000.

People in the province of Quebec are sick and tired of the curfews, the masks, and the lockdowns.

This is one of my favourite lawyer vloggers, Viva Frei from Montreal. He decided to attend the protest. He also shows how the city spends hundreds of thousands of dollars putting up signs telling people to be terrified of COVID, even outside.

RELATED: A Montreal police officer recently fined four students who were returning from a night class, even though in-person night classes are exempt from the city’s lockdown curfew of 8 pm. The students even had notices exempting them from the government curfew, but were still fined. READ: Montreal police ticket curfew-exempt students returning home after night classes

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