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When a Chinese company built a baby formula plant in Canada?

In 2017, a company out of Communist China, Feihe, decided to build a baby formula manufacturing plant in Canada with lots of subsidies from Canadian taxpayers. Now, there is allegedly a conflict on whether the plant should follow health and safety standards of the Communist regime or those of Canada.

The CBC explains:

When a Chinese dairy processor invested $332 million to build a baby formula plant in Kingston, Ont., it promised to create hundreds of jobs in Eastern Ontario.

Now, some of the people who took those jobs at Feihe International’s Canadian subsidiary are warning the workplace isn’t safe — and they’re afraid someone is going to get killed.

“They didn’t care about you. They didn’t care about your family,” one worker said. “We were told constantly, ‘This is the way they do things in China.’ […]

When, for example, Ontario regulations required workers to follow a certain process for milk pasteurization and something went wrong, he said, workers were told by supervisors to simply skip that process.

Earlier this month, a dumping incident at the plant’s wastewater treatment facility smelled so foul it alarmed local residents.

The issues went beyond equipment malfunctions and wasted milk. People got hurt.

READ: Workers feared for safety at Ontario baby formula plant

And here is what the Chinese people think about Communist China’s health and safety standards.

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Of course, we must not forget the Canadian government bureaucrat who pushed for the three levels of government (local, provincial, federal) to subsidize the Chinese company’s construction of the plant. READ: Public servant who promoted $225M baby formula plant now sits on Chinese investor’s board

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