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Meet Fregon, Australia: A No-police utopia

With BLM and left-wing extremists such as Antifa calling for the complete defunding of police, a story emerges of a small town called Fregon, located in Australia’s outback, that does not have a police force.

It has transformed itself into an idyllic, utopian community where people build metal cages to protect certain members of the community and others describe the town as “completely lawless.”

Where violence is a daily event and sexual assaults go unchecked.

Where one person described having to barricade herself in her business after a group attacked her demanding money.

The Daily Mail explains:

Deep in the Australian outback lies a small town with no police presence, where horrific violence is a daily occurrence and where sexual assault goes unchecked.

The ‘completely lawless’ community of Fregon is hidden away in the red dust of the South Australian desert, about 1,300km north of Adelaide, and is home to one of Australia’s most shocking crimes.

Outback nurse Gayle Woodford, 56, took up a role at the Nganampa Health Council and often travelled to Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands for work.

In 2016, she was lured into a trap and then abducted, raped and murdered before being buried in a shallow grave near the town by a man with a violent history.

READ: Inside the ‘completely lawless’ Australian town where there are NO police and violent sex attacks go unchecked – ending in the horrific rape and murder of a regional nurse

Mrs Woodford’s murder is in keeping with the general lawlessness within the Fregon community and the fact that this atmosphere of dysfunction and violence largely remained unchecked.

Anthony Schapel, SA Deputy Coroner

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