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Vaccines are stopping COVID, not lockdowns says epidemiologist

Blinded by his own political ideology, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently claimed that his lockdown orders are what stopped COVID in that country. He was quickly put back in place by one of Britain’s leading epidemiologists, who bluntly stated it’s the vaccines that are doing the job, not lockdowns.

The Daily Mail writes:

Vaccines are behind Britain’s sharp drop in coronavirus cases since January, top experts claimed today — despite Boris Johnson insisting lockdown was the reason for the fall.  

Professor Tim Spector, a King’s College London epidemiologist who runs the UK’s largest Covid symptom tracking study, said the epidemic had ‘mainly’ been squashed by the ‘exemplar vaccine programme’.

With more than 60 per cent of the population jabbed with at least one dose and up to 10 per cent protected due to prior infection, Professor Spector added Britain was ‘starting to see herd immunity take effect’.

His comments come after data from his symptom-tracking app showed a 17 per cent drop in daily cases last week, with an estimated 1,600 new symptomatic infections a day across the country — down from 60,000 at the peak in January.

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If lockdowns actually worked, they would have stopped the virus in its tracks months ago.

In fact, lockdowns do the exact opposite.

They actually extend pandemics, because the only way these viruses stop spreading is through herd immunity, when everyone catches the virus and builds an immunity.

Since nearly 80% of the people who catch COVID show little to no symptoms, lockdowns actually prevented them from catching the virus and allowed the pandemic to extend for months.

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