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Quebecers protest 8 pm COVID curfew

Video capture of people in Montreal protesting the 8 pm curfew. Credit: mtlblog/Facebook

Thousands of people in Montreal, Quebec, Canada took to the streets over the weekend to protest the government’s latest dystopian move ordering people not to leave their homes after 8 pm. I would love to see the computer model and science that proves that COVID is more dangerous after 7:59 pm.

Typical of most governments, Quebec politicians talk about the science but never actually show it.

If lockdowns actually worked COVID would have ended months ago.

People were chanting, Freedom (in French of course).

Police, who were just obeying orders, were also out busily collecting taxes. It is a $1,500 fine if they catch walking outside without a mask.

This is the same Quebec government that in January implemented another 8 pm curfew with one exemption. You could go out if you were walking your dog. Apparently the science shows that man’s best friend protects people from COVID after 7:59 pm. READ: Chris Selley: No reason to trust Quebec’s new curfew will work, or end any time soon

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