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Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with Communist China continues

I have reported previously, on the unhealthy obsession that Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has with Communist China. But not even I saw this coming. The Canadian mint is now producing coins heralding China’s Triumphant Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party is about to take two Canadian businessmen, who have been in prison for two years, to trial over trumped-up spying charges. They were arrested shortly after Canada arrested a Huawei executive at the request of the US government. READ: Newspaper: China to soon try 2 Canadians on spying charges AND China says it ‘misspoke’ over trial of two Canadians in case linked to Huawei executive

For the record, Huawei is one of the companies mentioned in this article. READ: Five Chinese Companies Pose Threat to US National Security: FCC

Meanwhile, as Canada’s federal government fawns over the Communist regime, others are expressing deeper concerns. READ: ‘The Evidence is Overwhelming’: New Report Accuses China’s Leaders of Genocide Against Millions of Muslims

And things are only destined to get better. READ: Stephen Harper warns China likely to be increasingly assertive as U.S. takes less dominant international role

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