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Guess who is cutting into the COVID vaccine line?

Officials for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Pasadena, California for those holding vital positions was forced to cancel after its online booking slots were flooded with those who weren’t eligible. The clinic was intended for senior citizens and those working in important fields such as heath-care, child-care, food services and teachers.

So, who were these ineligible people who thought they were so important that they could cut into the line? It involved those working in Hollywood and the media.

The Blaze explains:

The city of Pasadena, California, has canceled a COVID-19 vaccine clinic that was scheduled for Thursday after the majority of the registration slots were claimed by people who were ineligible to receive the vaccine, including “hundreds” of people who work in Hollywood and in the media.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the city of Pasadena Public Health Department sent out an email last Thursday to residents who had expressed interest in getting the vaccine, advising them that they could register if they work in an eligible industry, which was supposed to include “healthcare workers, senior citizens, child-care workers, teachers and food workers.” Instead, “hundreds” of people who worked in production companies in Hollywood and in local media signed up.

City spokesperson Lisa Derderian told the Times, “Hundreds signed up within the first hour. It was like rapid fire.”

READ: Pasadena cancels COVID vaccine clinic meant for essential workers after Hollywood and media employees flood registration spots

Rather than wasting hours phoning the hundreds of Hollywood and media workers and telling them they weren’t that important, err eligible, officials just cancelled the clinic.

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