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Rioters take to Portland streets again

Left wing rioters took to the streets of Portland last night when they sensed a vulnerability as government officials took down the barriers protecting the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. It seemed to be largely led by Antifa.

Lockdowns’ ticking time bomb

More stats are coming forward and saying the lockdowns are causing far more damage than the virus they are supposedly fighting. There is a huge ticking time bomb in Britain as stats reveal that because of the lockdown restrictions, there has been a dramatic drop in treatments for serious conditions and heart problems.

Smaller, but stronger?

To say that the pandemic lockdowns have been difficult for the church would be an understatement, but a recent poll by Lifeway of regular protestant church attenders reveals that 68% of the people surveyed said that they plan to return to church with the same regularity they had in the past. However, what is concerning 9% stated they will attend less if at all. And according to Lifeway, there was evidence of this in January this year when nearly two thirds of the churches that reopened reported that they were running 70% below their normal attendance. Some believe this happened because people are still fearful of returning to public gatherings, and those numbers will increase once the pandemic is behind them. And while those number suggest that there is room for concern, the Lifeway poll also revealed that nearly a quarter (23%) of those surveyed planned to increase their church attendance. Significantly, the age group most likely to do this were those between the ages of 18 to 29, where 43% stated they were planning …

CA school kids to chant to Aztec gods of death?

There are two stories about how woke, left-wing educators are trying to train your children. Not surprisingly these stories are out of New York and California. According to an article on Fox News, California educators are proposing a new curriculum that would have students chanting the names of Aztec gods of death, which people were sacrificed to sometimes by having their hearts cut out while they were still alive.

Prophecies Are Not Simply Newspaper Headlines in Advance

By Dr. Michael L. Brown Now that the New York Times, Politico, and other, major secular outlets have covered the failed presidential prophecies, why don’t we make this a teachable moment and ask a basic question about prophecy? Specifically, when prophecy is predictive (and therefore foretelling rather than forthtelling), is it equivalent to headline news in advance? The reason I ask this question is because the recent presidential prophecies were presented like news headlines in advance, informing us of specific dates and details, none of which came to pass. Yet millions of Christians were urged to believe these specific words and were rebuked when they saw fit to question them. But is prophecy normally that specific, especially in terms of dates? Is this the biblical pattern? To be sure, many events are predicted in the Bible with specificity, and on rare occasion, there are specific times and dates put on the prophecies. But that is certainly not the norm. Instead, future prophecies are frequently spoken in such a way that there is some level of …

Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend we are concerned about the environment and hold a news conference at a new service outlet providing electricity for electric cars that will save the world. And let’s pretend that is not a diesel generator in the background providing the electricity for those outlets.

Guess who is cutting into the COVID vaccine line?

Officials for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Pasadena, California for those holding vital positions was forced to cancel after its online booking slots were flooded with those who weren’t eligible. The clinic was intended for senior citizens and those working in important fields such as heath-care, child-care, food services and teachers. So who were these ineligible people who thought they were so important that they could cut into the line? It was mostly Hollywood and media.

Freedom of speech means freedom to preach the Gospel, even on a campus

In an 8-1 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of a former student of Georgia Gwinnett College, Chike Uzuegbunam, after the institute prevented Chike from sharing his faith on campus. The court ruled that it was in complete “violation” of Chike’s constitutional rights. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was the only Justice who dissented in the final ruling. In a controversial move the 12,000 student school had set up two small areas on campus where people were allowed to exercise their constitutional right to free speech. But in the end, even these were not free speech zones if a woke student was offended by what was said. According to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), who represented Chike in the lawsuit, the space where the college allowed free speech only represented 0.0015% of the school’s total property. In 2016, Chike was sharing his faith and distributing leaflets on campus, when he was initially stopped by college security. After being told these type of activities were only allowed in the two free speech zones, Chike then …