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Lockdowns’ ticking time bomb

More people are coming forward and saying the lockdowns are causing far more damage than the virus they are supposedly fighting.

There is a huge ticking time bomb in Britain as stats reveal that because of the lockdown restrictions, there has been a dramatic drop in treatments for serious conditions and heart problems.

According to an article in the Daily Mail:

  • Cancer treatments are down 16%.
  • Operations to remove tumours downs 23%.
  • There has been an 11% drop in patients being referred for cancer treatment.
  • According to one Cancer charity tens of thousands of people who have cancer are missing being diagnosed because of the lockdowns.
  • Heart operations are down 39%
  • Hip and knee operations down 54%
  • There are 4.59 million people on the combined waiting lists.

READ: Covid’s shocking impact on the NHS: Routine care is halved and cancer surgery is at a 10-year low as 4.6m patients languish on waiting lists

These medical condition didn’t just mysteriously disappear. They are still there and getting worse every day because of the delays. The true costs of the lockdowns will start showing up over the next couple of years.

And this is aside from the dramatic increases in suicides and overdose.

Politicians and senior health officials have been so blinded by their computer models, they can’t or are unwilling to see what is really happening. They have dug themselves into a hole, rather than climbing out, they have decided to keep digging.

And the same thing is happening around the world, including Canada. READ: CRAIG: Postponed surgeries have had tragic consequences

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