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Cyprus church condemns satanic Eurovision song choice

The Orthodox Church of Cypress has publicly condemned the song chosen by Cyprus for the 2021 Eurovision, because it explicitly promotes the worship of Satan.

Each year, European countries hold events and send their winner to the Eurovision contest to determine the European winner.

However, Eurovision is not a contest for singers, it is a contest of the best written songs from the competing countries. As a result, it is not unusual for countries to use singers from outside their country to sing their chosen song.

But this year’s song choice by Cyprus has drawn the ire of many people in the island nation.

Breitbart reports:

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus has denounced “El Diablo” (The Devil), its country’s entry into the 2021 Eurovision song contest, calling for the song to be withdrawn due to its Satanic references.

The Holy Synod, the church’s highest governing body, said the song “essentially praises the fatalistic submission of humans to the power of the devil” and encouraged the state broadcaster to substitute it with one that better “expresses our history, culture, traditions, and beliefs.”

“I fell in love, I fell in love, I gave my heart to el diablo, el diablo. I gave it up, I gave it up, because he tells me I’m his angel, I’m his angel,” read the song’s lyrics, sung by Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou. “Tonight, we’re gonna burn in a party; It’s heaven in hell with you.”

READ: Cyprus Church Calls for Removal of ‘Satanic’ Eurovision Song Entry

Ironically, the song choice was made by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) a non-profit funded by the government of Cyprus. The people pay a special tax, determined by the size of their home, to fund CyBC.

As a side note, ABBA came to fame as the Swedish representative, when the group sang their hit, Waterloo.

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