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Canadian church fined $83,000 for reopening

Trinity Bible Chapel – Twitter

The Ontario government recently fined Trinity Bible Chapel based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada $83,000 for holding in person services during the province’s lockdown.

CBN explains:

Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo refused to turn worshippers away or close their doors after the government issued orders last December limiting religious gatherings to no more than 10 people to slow the spread of COVID-19.

After church members worshipped together on Jan. 24, they were charged with contempt of court and handed a hefty fine.

Pastor Will Schuurman was fined $5,000, another pastor was fined $4,000, and each of the church elders was ordered to pay $3,000. Trinity Bible Chapel, by itself, was fined $15,000 and was also directed to pay $45,000 to cover the court costs of the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG).

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Meanwhile, in Alberta, Edmonton Pastor James Coates remains in jail after his church, GraceLife, held in person services.

Well, it may be time for the Alberta government to start expanding those jail cells as several other Alberta churches announced that they will be restarting church services.

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