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Britain: More wrongly labelled as COVID deaths

In Britain, so many people are coming forward claiming that the deaths of family members were falsely labelled as COVID, that politicians and top medical experts are now demanding an inquiry to get to the root of the problem.

It may explain why Britain, which has one of the most extreme lockdowns in the Western World, also has one of the highest COVID death rates.

Of course, governments and health officials were using the death tolls to justify the extreme lockdowns. As they often say, the first casualty in any war is the truth.

The Daily Mail explains:

Grieving families last night said deaths had been wrongly certified as Covid-19.

Demanding an inquiry, top medical experts and MPs also insisted they were ‘certain’ that too many fatalities were being blamed on the virus.

One funeral director said it was ‘a national scandal’. The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions over the spiralling death toll.

More than 100 readers wrote heartbreaking letters following a moving article by Bel Mooney last Saturday. She revealed the death of her 99-year-old father, who suffered from dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was recorded as coronavirus.

READ: What IS the truth about Covid deaths? Grieving relatives along with MPs and top medics demand inquiry as families reveal MORE loved ones they believe were wrongly certified as virus victims

Last fall, researchers at Oxford University determined that at least a third of COVID deaths in Britain in July and August 2020 were wrongly labelled as COVID.

The researchers discovered, as an example, that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) was labelling people as COVID deaths, even if they had recovered from the virus and later died from other causes such as a car accident or cancer. READ: THIRD of UK Covid victims in July and August ‘died from OTHER causes’ – including cancer or being hit by a car – Oxford University scientists reveal

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