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Canada issues warning about Chinese social media apps

In a surprising move, Bill Blair, Canada’s federal public safety minister, issued a warning to Canadians over using Chinese social media apps such as TikTok, WeChat and Weibo.

Blair made the statement during a parliamentary meeting on China-Canada relation, He stated that China’s communist regime could use information posted on these apps against Canada. Millions of Canadians currently use the three apps.

The National Post explains:

OTTAWA – Canadians should be wary of using Chinese social media platforms because information posted there may be used for “hostile activities” by foreign states, says the federal public safety minister.

If you regularly post on Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo or even TikTok, the Canadian government has a stern warning for you: be careful, because hostile countries may be watching in an attempt to use that data against Canada’s interests.

READ: Information posted on Chinese social media platforms could be used for ‘hostile activities,’ Bill Blair warns

Last year, because of similar security concerns, India went the next step and completely banned dozens of Chinese apps in that country. READ: India pulls the plug on another 47 Chinese apps over data privacy and security

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