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50 years of failed Green fanatical predictions

I am old enough to remember how the green fanatics were warning us in the 1970s that unless we cut back on oil consumption we would be ushering in the next ice age.

And when that didn’t happen, undaunted, a decade or so later, these same fanatics dusted off those old press releases changed ‘man-made ice age’ to ‘man-made global warming’ and started warning the world of imminent doom. Coincidentally, oil consumption, the major source of CO2 emissions, was also the official cause of global warming.

So, depending on what decade you lived, oil either caused ice ages or global warming.

Zero Hedge provides a breaking down of the green’s fanatical predictions over the past 50 years that never came to pass. Here are few of my favourites:

1970 Boston Globe: Scientist Predicts New Ice Age by 21st Century said James P. Lodge, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. 

1971 Washington Post: Disastrous New Ice Age Coming says S.I. Rasool at NASA. 

1974 Time Magazine: Another Ice Age “Telling signs everywhere. Since the 1940s mean global temperatures have dropped 2.7 degrees F.”

1989 Associated Press: UN Official Says Rising Seas to ‘Obliterate Nations’ by 2000.

2000 The Independent: “Snowfalls are a thing of the past. Our children will not know what snow is,” says senior climate researcher.

2008 Associate Press: NASA Scientist says “We’re Toast. In 5-10 years the Arctic will be Ice Free”

2014 John Kerry: “We have 500 days to Avoid Climate Chaos” discussed Sec of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious at a joint meeting.

For the full list READ: Let’s Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened

Of course John Kerry, America’s special envoy on climate change, is so convinced of the world’s impending doom associated with CO2 emissions that he uses his personal jet, instead of flying commercial airlines, to warn the world. READ: John Kerry declares Earth has 9 years to avoid climate catastrophe: ‘There is nogo room for B.S. anymore’

In 2006, former US Vice President Al Gore predicted in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, we had ten years to end man-made global warming. READ: Al Gore claims his climate-change predictions about 2016 have now come true

With his catastrophic prediction now four years overdue, how many homes does Al Gore now own? READ: PHOTOS: Al Gore’s New $8.875 Million Montecito Villa AND Al Gore’s House in Nashville, TN (Google Maps) AND Al Gore’s Nashville estate expends 21 times more energy a year than typical U.S. home, study says

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