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No, the Pope can’t impeach evangelicals

Sean Penn, 2008 Credit: Seher Sikandar/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

There have been a couple of religious goofs by celebrities recently, one a Hollywood actor and the second by a politician.

The first involves left-wing actor/producer Sean Penn, who decided to call in the Pope to impeach evangelicals because they failed to denounce former US President Donald Trump.

Penn tweeted:

The protestant church has had nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church since the 1600s. Pope Leo X tried to impeach reformer Martin Luther in 1521 at the Diet of Worms when he condemned the sale of papal (buy your way into heaven) indulgences, but the best the Pope could do was excommunicate Luther.

READ: Sean Penn Fails Theology 101: Pro-Trump Evangelicals ‘Should Be Impeached by the Vatican’

The second involves California Democrat Rep Eric Swalwell, who gained his celebrity status after people found out in December he had been in a relationship with a Communist Chinese spy for several years. READ: Pelosi puts Swalwell back on Homeland Security panel despite spy scandal

In an interview with MSNBC, Swalwell was commenting on the Democrats failed attempt to impeach former President Trump a second time and said that the Democrats could have had “God herself” as a witness and the GOP still would not have impeached the former president. READ: Swalwell: ‘We Could Have God Herself’ as a Witness — GOP Still Would Not Convict Trump

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