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School tried to force student to take gender course

Marcail McBride was attending, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), a prestigious public school for students with higher academic standing in Aurora, Illinois.

Marcail was a senior and in order to graduate, the school required students to go through a “Student Gender and Sexuality” course designed to make students “experience discomfort.”

When Marcail claimed a religious exemption, the IMSA not only refused to honour her request, but a staffer even threatened disciplinary action.

But IMSA quickly changed its mind when First Liberty Institute, a legal nonprofit that defends religious freedom, sent the school a letter stating IMSA was in violation of Illinois law

WND explains:

First Liberty pointed out the requirement was in conflict with the law.

“Under Illinois law, schools must provide religious accommodations for their students, and they must also honor requests to excuse students from programs with sexual content,” said Russell. “Schools should never violate the religious conscience of their students.”

After receiving the letter, IMSA quickly pulled in its horns and offered Marcail an alternative class.

Under Illinois law, the school must provide a religious exemption for sex education classes. The school tried to get around this by stating its gender class did not fall under this provision.

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