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65 | Is there a secret message in the dead fig tree incident?

In this podcast I want to discuss one of the more puzzling stories in Gospels and perhaps even offer a bit of an explanation of the secret message that Jesus was trying to pass on. It involves the time that Jesus cursed a fig tree, because it bore no fruit.

Sask Premier reveals who are calling for stricter lockdowns

Scott Moe, the Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, had some interesting things to say about the lockdown. During its COVID lockdown, the province has allowed most businesses, including restaurants and gyms, to remain open with reduced capacity. In a recent virtual speech, Premier Moe mentioned that he has been receiving pressure to implement a stricter lockdown in the province.

School tried to force student to take gender course

Marcail McBride was attending, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), a prestigious public school for students with higher academic standing in Aurora, Illinois. Marcail was a senior and in order to graduate, the school required students to go through a “Student Gender and Sexuality” course that is designed to make students “experience discomfort.”

Horror Don’t Scare Me!

Did you ever hear strange noises in the night? Perhaps you saw something just out of the corner of your eye or felt like you were being watched even though you were alone. A long time ago, I lived in a house in which we could hear the sounds of heavy footsteps coming from the upstairs bedrooms. Yet, there was nothing there. In another house, we heard the sounds of a squeaky tricycle rolling across the kitchen floor. When I was a teenager, there was a dark mass that hovered just above my bedroom door that terrified me. Many of us have had such experiences. Some have been so frightening that the people experiencing them felt threatened. Hollywood makes the most of such experiences and often adds demonic activity to heighten the fear factor. The basic formula involves people being terrorized by some entity or super-human evil possessed person. The only way to fight this evil is by using human wisdom and the strength of the human spirit. Some of the scariest movies are the …