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John Kerry too important to personally cut CO2 emissions?

John Kerry is your typical global warming elitist that demands you cut your CO2 emissions while he used his private jet to fly to Iceland to receive an environmental award in 2019. Since Kerry serves as America’s special presidential envoy for the climate, apparently, he is too important to save the planet.

Breitbart provides Kerry’s ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ explanation:

John Kerry, the U.S. special presidential envoy for climate under President Biden’s administration who consistently sounds the alarm on the dangers of global warming, took a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to accept an environmental award.

The climate czar took a private jet to receive the Arctic Circle Prize for his leadership on climate change, Fox News reported on Wednesday. An interview obtained by the outlet found Kerry defending his climate-unfriendly mode of transportation, asserting that private flight remained “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

When confronted on the matter by Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson, Kerry appealed to offsetting his carbon output and highlighted the other environmental efforts he has made in years past — including the negotiation of the Paris Accords, which President Biden rejoined upon taking office.

“I’ve been involved with this fight for years. I negotiated with President Xi to bring President Xi to the table so we could get Paris. And, I believe, the time it takes me to get somewhere, I can’t sail across the ocean,” he said.

READ: ‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry Took Private Jet to Receive Environmental Award: ‘Only Choice for Somebody Like Me’ AND John Kerry called flying a private jet ‘the only choice for somebody like me’ after jet-setting to Iceland to accept a climate award in 2019

And for the record, just last week, Kerry told BBC we only have nine years to save the planet. READ: Climate Envoy John Kerry Ahead of U.N. COP26 Summit: ‘We Have Nine Years Left’

Of course, in 2006, Al Gore said we had only 10 years to save the planet, but I digress. READ: Al Gore: 2006 Global Warming ‘Point of No Return’ Claim Was ‘Accurate’

With the earth’s survival hanging by a thread, this explains why China’s Communist regime was exempt from reducing CO2 emissions under the Paris Climate Accord. READ: Former environment senator Fritz Vahrenholt: “We are threatened by a dramatic loss of prosperity”

And this also explains why the Communist regime built three times more coal powered plants than the rest of the world combined. READ: China Built Three Times as Much Coal Power in 2020 as the Rest of the World Combined

Meanwhile, in honour of man-made global warming, every US state, and this includes Hawaii, will be below zero sometime this week because of a polar vortex. READ: Every US state will see below freezing temperatures over the next week

It shows like many are suggesting that natural forces have a more profound impact on climate and weather, than CO2 that is necessary for life.

I know the global warming fanatics hate it when I talk about weather when referring to climate change. But like I say, if climate change doesn’t affect weather what are we worried about?

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