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Are Jews being cleansed from UK universities?

According to a report by British researcher, David Collier, Jews have essentially been driven out of several universities in Britain. He said many of those responsible for the hate are often university professors. He likened what is happening today, to what took place in Nazi Germany leading up to World War II.

World Israel News writes:

“The goal is achieved! No more Jews at German universities,” the leading Nazi student newspaper, Die Bewegung, triumphantly proclaimed in 1938.

Of course, nothing like it could ever happen again. Except something like it is happening again — now, and in Britain. According to a report published this week by David Collier, a British researcher, some UK universities are now virtually Judenfrei: free of Jews.

This is a chilling indictment not just of British academia but of a liberal democratic society that has tolerated, often through ignorance or complacency, a wave of discrimination against Jews that has swept through the universities over recent decades.

From these halls of learning anti-Semitism has spread out, driving and empowering what is now a solid movement that threatens Jews in various parts of society and has led to many of them leaving. This is not just in Britain. Collier characterizes academia as “the epicentre of global anti-Semitism”.

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And it is not just happening on British Campuses. READ: Elizabeth Pipko: Anti-Semitism spreading across [US] college campuses at alarming rate AND Anti-Semitism on the rise at Canadian universities, committee says

And a recent survey by the American Jewish Committee revealed that Jews are increasing encountering anti-Semitism online and everyday life.

Jerusalem Connection reports:

Twenty-two percent of American Jewish adults have experienced antisemitism online or on social media in the last five years. Of this group, 62% said they had been the targets of antisemitic remarks on Facebook, 33% on Twitter, 12% on Instagram and 10% on YouTube.

The impact of hate Jews are experiencing online mirrors the experience with more traditional forms of antisemitism. While 24% say they avoid wearing, carrying or displaying things that might identify them as Jews, and 31% avoid certain places, events or situations out of concern for their safety, the AJC survey also found that 24% who are active on social media avoid posting content that may identify them as Jewish.

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We have always seen examples of anti-Semitism on the extreme right, but they seemed to have been joined recently by those on the left. READ: The rise of anti-Semitism on the left

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