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Are Jews being cleansed from UK universities?

According to a report by British researcher, David Collier, Jews have essentially been driven out of several universities in Britain. He said many of those responsible for the hate are often university professors. He likened what is happening today, to what took place in Nazi Germany leading up to World War II.

Antisemitism warnings in Germany: spokesman warns against wearing a kippah in public

In an interview with the German newspaper, Funke, Germany’s antisemitism commissioner Felix Klein warned that Jewish men should not wear their kippah or skull cap in public due to the rapid increase in antisemitic attacks in recent years. There are approximately 200,000 Jews living in Germany. According to Breaking Israel News, in 2018 Berlin reported nearly a 20% increase of antisemitic offenses over the previous year with nearly 300 incidents reported in Germany’s capital. With 1,649 attacks in 2018, overall the country registered a 10% increase in hate offenses over 2017. But what is particularly disturbing is that the number of violent antisemitic attacks has nearly doubled over 2017 increasing from 37 to 62 in 2018. Though the police and mainline media report that these attacks are due to right-wing fanaticism, this is not what the Jews are reporting. They suggest that Muslim extremists and left wing fanatics are equal partners in Germany’s hate crimes. A recent survey of Jews in the EU showed that 41% indicated the most serious antisemitic offenses came from people …