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Give credit, when credit is due

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Credit: US State of Florida/Wikipedia/Public Domain

It is tough these days to find reasons to pat a politician on the back, but give credit to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 42, when he turned down having a COVID vaccine.

The Daily Wire explains why:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sparked applause Wednesday when he told the press he has yet to be vaccinated for the novel coronavirus since he is young and healthy, and the most at-risk population, the elderly, have not all been offered vaccinations yet. […]

“What I’ve said is, I’m willing to take it, but I am not the priority; they’re the priority,” DeSantis said, gesturing to the elderly around him. “I’m under 45. And so, people under 45 are not gonna be first in line for this.”

“When it’s my turn, I will take it, but this is who I want to be vaccinated: I want my parents, our grandparents to be able to get it,” he said.

READ: WATCH: DeSantis Draws Applause From Elderly When Press Ask Why He’s Not Vaccinated Yet

In contrast, the shining light of the extreme left in America, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is healthy and also ten years younger than DeSantis, had no such qualms about getting vaccinated, even if it meant depriving a vulnerable elderly person from receiving one. READ: AOC Claims ‘National Security Policy’ Why She Got Vaccine Before More Vulnerable People

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