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Minnesota: Are COVID death counts exaggerated?

Some believe that Aeschylus, a fifth century BC Greek dramatist, was the first person to coin the phrase, or its equivalent, that the first casualty of war is truth. Aeschylus wrote, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”

And in 2020, the year of COVID-1984, we have been in war with the left over our basic human freedoms and along those lines a review of death certificates in Minnesota led two of the state’s lawmakers to conclude that COVID deaths are exaggerated by 40%.

The Washington Examiner explains:

Two Minnesota state lawmakers are calling for an audit of death certificates that were attributed to the coronavirus, saying COVID-19 deaths could have been inflated by 40%.

State Rep. Mary Franson and state Sen. Scott Jensen released a video last week revealing that after reviewing thousands of death certificates in the state, 40% did not have COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death.

“I have other examples where COVID isn’t the underlying cause of death, where we have a fall. Another example is we have a freshwater drowning. We have dementia. We have a stroke and multiorgan failure,” Franson said in the video.

READ: Minnesota lawmakers say coronavirus deaths could be inflated by 40% after reviewing death certificates

Probably the most disturbing example of this was from Britain where health officials had set their computerized COVID data tracking system so if a person caught COVID, they could never die of anything else but COVID. Even if a man recovered from the coronavirus and died of a heart attack 40 years later, he would be listed as a COVID death. READTHIRD of UK Covid victims in July and August ‘died from OTHER causes’ – including cancer or being hit by a car – Oxford University scientists reveal

In the US, a study by a Johns Hopkins University professor pointed out a very odd thing happening with the death counts in America. Despite 300,000 people dying from COVID in 2020, the total number of deaths in the US has not gone up. Why? Because she noticed a corresponding drop in deaths from other causes such as heart attacks, cancer, etc. Of course, the study was only out for a week or so, before the rabid left began screaming for it to be pulled, not because it was wrong, but because it didn’t fit the narrative. READ: A few days ago Johns Hopkins published a study saying corona is nbd. They then deleted it. Read it here in its entirety.

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Of course, the bigger question is why are we seeing this happening?

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