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Recreation of the Temple floor Jesus walked on

A recreation of the floors from Herod’s Temple
Credit: Temple Mount Sifting Project

The Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP) was started in 1999, after the Muslims did some illegal renovations on the Temple Mount that resulted in 9,000 tons of dirt being hauled to a local garbage dump.

The Temple Mount was set up to go through the dirt looking for archaeological evidence of the Israel’s two Temples. Over the years, an estimated 200,000 volunteers have sifted through the dirt finding literally tens of thousands of artifacts with many of them dated to Israel’s first Temple constructed by King Solomon.

The TMSP has also found floor tiles from Israel’s second temple built by Ezra and later renovated by King Herod. The organization recently displayed a replica of what the ornate floor looked like in Herod’s Temple, the very one that Jesus walked on.

The TMSP explains:

We’ve just recently installed at the sifting site at Mitzpe Hamasu’ot a new reconstruction of the colorful floor that decorated the courts of Herod’s Temple. Since we published a preliminary report several years ago on the reconstruction of the patterns of these floors, several similar models have been made in various places over the world – some as fabric quilt art and some in stone flooring, but this reconstruction, created under the direction of Mr. Avi Tavisal, from the Israel Diamond Center and donated to our sifting site, is the best and most accurate done so far.


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