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Exposing the environmental hypocrisy of The North Face

The North Face, a clothing manufacturer and retailer, recently had its hypocrisy exposed when it refused to provide jackets for a business in the oil and gas industry. It allegedly snubbed its nose at the oil company comparing it to a tobacco manufacturer.

The Daily Wire explains:

A company in the oil and gas industry, Innovex Downhole Solutions, wanted to get its employees The North Face jackets with the company logo on them for Christmas. When the company reached out to The North Face, however, their request was denied based on their industry, the CEO said.

CBS7 reported that Innovex CEO Adam Anderson said the company that would provide the jackets didn’t want to support the oil and gas industry, just like it wouldn’t support the porn or tobacco industries.

Well, you should probably quit smoking first before hypocritically condemning those who produce it.

As Innovex CEO Adam Anderson added:

Anderson noted to the outlet that it was ironic for North Face to deny them the jackets considering the oil and gas industry makes it possible for the outerwear company to make their products.

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This is typical of most environmental elitists who fly around in their private jets while condemning all the commoners who use oil and gas.

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