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Manitoba reverses drive-in church ban

RCMP blocking people from entering Church of God parking lot to listen to a service broadcast via FM in their vehicles. Credit: Steinbach Church of God/Facebook capture

According to Global News, the Canadian province of Manitoba has decided to reverse its ban on drive in church services that were part of the province’s COVID-1984 lockdown.

In one of the more bizarre attacks on religious freedom witnessed during the lockdowns, the government had actually sent the RCMP to stop members of the Church of God Restoration in Steinbach, Manitoba from holding a drive-in service in the church parking lot on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020.

The members were simply planning to drive in to the church parking lot, stay in their cars with the windows rolled up and listen to the service being broadcast over shortwave FM.

The church and members of the congregation were fined for attempting to hold this drive-in service, where there was basically no chance of spreading COVID. Several other churches had also been fined for holding drive-in services.

If this was really just about stopping COVID, what reason would there be for preventing a drive-in church services?

At the same time, the government was allowing coffee shops such as Tim Hortons to provide drive-through services to sell coffee and donuts.

The church had actually gone to court to have the drive-in ban overturned, but had lost their case.

The fact it took over two weeks to reverse this ban is completely bewildering, but I suspect the rural MLAs that form much of the supposed Conservative government in that province were taking heat for the drive-in ban.

READ: Manitoba extends COVID-19 restrictions into January; drive-in gatherings allowed

In its article, Global News added that there were 13 more deaths due to COVID in that province. This included:

  • One man in his 40s
  • One man in his 70s
  • Five people in their 80s
  • Five people in their 90s
  • One person over a 100.
  • At least 10 of the 13 were living in care homes.

Rather than obsessing about drive-in church services, many believe the government should instead be focussing its attention on protecting those most vulnerable to the virus including the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and particularly those living in care homes.

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