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California: US Supreme Court allows indoor church services

California was the only state in America still banning indoor church services during its lockdown. However, in a recent ruling, the US Supreme Court has just forced Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom to lift the ban. It is because of something called the US Constitution.

The Covid Crisis: Are you ready for the virtual God?

We are living in strange times, and this is a very strange year. I don’t want to criticize the authorities who must make hard choices, but some restrictions are strange. Where I live, the government and the medical authorities are being cautious with social restrictions. We are mostly warned to be careful, and given good advice. I haven’t heard about fines or arrests for breaking the rules. My work, for the government, is high-risk, and I have a generous supply of spray cleaner and hand disinfectant. I also have training on how to use the cleaners and stay safe. A neighbor goes to a church near us and they are probably still refusing to wear masks in their services. No one is talking about this in the news, my neighbor told me when I met him in the back alley. Do you believe in God? If you are a believer, what tells you to believe? What are the signals that you need? Do you attend a church or a temple, a mosque or a synagogue, …

Are church services similar to indoor concerts? If so…

A recent study on the spread of Coronavirus at indoor music concerts could potentially bolster calls to allow church services to restart. German researchers tracked the potential spread of COVID at a concert held towards the end of August in Leipzig, Germany. The researchers concluded that there is little chance of Coronavirus being spread at concerts provided there is proper ventilation.