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Why did Facebook censor Danish facemask study?

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Facebook allegedly decided a recent face mask study conducted by two professors as the University of Oxford is false information.

Not only is Oxford one of the top universities in the world, but one of the professors who conducted the study is “director of the university’s Centre for Evidence-based Medicine.”

The professors studied the use of masks in Denmark and concluded that their effectiveness in stopping the spread of COVID was “so small it was not ‘statistically significant’”

The Daily Mail writes:

Two leading Oxford University academics have accused Facebook of ‘censorship’ after it claimed an article they wrote on face masks amounted to ‘false information’.

Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the university’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, posted a link on his Facebook page to the article he wrote with colleague Dr Tom Jefferson, titled: ‘Landmark Danish study shows face masks have no significant effect.’

The piece reviewed the recently published ‘Danmask-19’ trial, which looked at the effectiveness of masks in preventing wearers becoming infected with Covid-19.

After following some 6,000 volunteers for a month, half of whom were asked to wear face masks outside the home and half of whom were asked not to wear them, researchers concluded that the difference in infection rates (1.8 versus 2.1 per cent) was so small it was not ‘statistically significant’ – meaning it could have happened by chance. The Danish researchers described their results as ‘inconclusive’.

READ: Two top Oxford academics accuse Facebook of censorship for branding their article on whether masks work ‘false information’

So Facebook’s censors/fact-checkers allegedly decided that these two Oxford academics don’t know what they are talking about? You would think these two Oxford professors would know a thing or to about conducting a proper study. But apparently not.

Is this about the science, or political science?

But I love Candace Owens’ response to the Facebook censors. She is a Black conservative woman who has actually accomplished something in her life. She has been receiving similar Facebook notifications, so she is suing them for defamation.

It’s an interesting idea. She is simply stating that when Facebook censors her then it must have evidence that what she is saying is wrong, and the social media giant will need to prove it in court.

READ: Candace Owens sues Facebook fact-checkers for defamation: ‘Time to fact-check the fact-checkers’

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