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How a computer glitch destroyed dozens of lives

With allegations of how glitches in voting software has caused problems in the recent US Federal Election (READ: Michigan GOP Says 6,000 Votes In One County Switched by Software Glitch From Trump to Biden), a story out of Britain shows how software used there destroyed the lives of dozens of people working in the postal system.

It not only resulted in dozens of postmasters losing their jobs but several being imprisoned, including a 44-year-old pregnant woman who was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

The Daily Mail explains:

A criminal investigation has been launched into the Post Office computer experts who gave evidence in the trials of convicted postmasters.

Over 15 years, dozens of postmasters were wrongly convicted of stealing from their own branches after unexplained shortfalls were found in their accounts.

Many of the former Post Office staffers were jailed, sacked and given criminal records they still carry today. Last year, following a lengthy fight in the High Court, it was found that the missing cash was actually caused by bugs in the IT systems, called Horizon.

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police launched a formal investigation, meaning the IT experts who testified in postmasters’ trials could be probed for crimes such as perjury.

For more on this disturbing story that could see 44 convictions overturned, and a review of hundreds of other cases, READ: IT staff behind Post Office scandal face perjury probe after dozens of postmasters were wrongly jailed – and some were hounded to their deaths

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